- Us vs Others -

Gutter Guard System Others
STAINLESS STELL MICROMESH FILTER • Totally enclosed system designed with a stainless steel micromesh filter.
• Even the smallest particles are kept away.
• Inaccessible by bees and birds.
• Gutter Helmet has openings that let in leaves and other debris, leading to clogs.
• Debris can be hidden in the gutters for years.
• Accessible by birds and bees to nest.
NON-STICK SURFACE FILTER • Non-stick filter technology will not permanently trap debris.
• Debris dries and blows away faster then it would on either on solid or flat surface.
• Installs on any new or existing gutters.
• Our gutter filter can take the heaviest volume of water.
• Small wet debris follow water into the gutter, leading to clogs of the draining channel.
• Maintenance is required to clean debris that build up on the draining channel.
• Can require the complete replacement of your gutters.
• Water flows off the system in heavy rains.


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